Capt. Keziah Nazir,
Commanding Officer

Cmdr. Josue Torres,
Executive Officer



Almost two years to the day since the attack on Mars, the Federation has changed. No longer the land of hopes and dreams, the people of the Federation are cautious, reserved. Gone are the days when Starfleet would push the boundaries of known space in the pursuit of new life and new civilizations. If only we had known.

If only we had known that it was not the future we should be worried about, but our past.

The Borg, the Federation’s most lethal enemy, have returned.

In one swift, decisive moment, large swathes of territory fell to our cybernetic foes. They invaded our space, and we fell back. They assimilated entire worlds, and we fell back. There was no line to be drawn in the sand, no sacrifices to make. They broke the powerful Federation fleet in an instant. They broke through Earth’s defenses with ease and entered orbit of the planet. Assimilation was inevitable.

Yet out here, among the stars, survivors cling to the most human of instincts…


The USS Nogura is actively recruiting for the following positions:

  • Chief Tactical Operations Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Flight Operations Officer
  • Marine Detachment Commander
  • Starfighter Squadron Leader
  • Assistant Department Heads
  • Various Other Roles

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