Simulation(‘SIM’) is a type of Internet role-playing through live-chat, email, or more recently NOVA.

The Fifth Fleet is a free online group dedicated to this form of fun roleplay & collaborative storytelling. See our SIM Guide and consider joining a “SIM”!

All the simulations within The Fifth Fleet take place, in the same interconnected universe, across multiple storylines. These storylines reflect the ‘prime’ canon timeline shown in STAR TREK Enterprise, The Original Series, Discovery, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Picard and the TMP and TNG Movie Eras. The Fifth Fleet currently runs 4 storylines, with each SIM operating within one. To learn more about each storyline, please click the banner below.


Before the Federation, there was the ‘Coalition of Planets’. In 2158, Earth Starfleet is taking heavy losses during the Earth – Romulan War. Join the brave crew of the NX07 Intrepid as they turn the tide against the Romulans.
Set in 2258, the USS Venture of the newly established Fifth Fleet sets out on its first 5 year mission. Join Captain Sarah Winchester and her crew, as they boldy go!
As we enter 2384, the first Bajoran to be elected to the post of Federation President, Iden Morr, has been assassinated. As the Federation mourns its loss, join Star Trek: Homefront & USS Ulysses as they deal with the galactic ramifications!
In 2387, the Borg launch a massive invasion of the Home Quadrants. Resistance is all we have left! Join the USS Nogura and its fight for survival!
The Confederacy between the Klingons, Romulans and Federation has collapsed. The Fifth Fleet stands at the point where all 3 galactic powers meet. Join Starbase Versailles, the IXL and USS Alliance as they grapple to keep the peace while the Federation begins to explore the Galaxy again.
It’s 2420, and the frontier has never looked so far away.