For 3 years The Fifth Fleet has provided STAR TREK fans with fun and exciting SIMulations. Put on your uniform, graduate from the Academy, sign up for duty with the The Fifth Fleet and BOLDLY GO . . .

With over 20 years of history, our SIMs have created their own distinct history based in the STAR TREK universe.


Fleet News Network

What is SIMing?

A Simulation (‘SIM’) is a type of Internet role-playing through live-chat, email, or more recently NOVA.

The Fifth Fleet is a free online group dedicated to this form of fun roleplay & collaborative storytelling. See our SIM Guide and consider joining a “SIM”!

About The Organisation

The Fifth Fleet was founded in 2017, when the crews of Starbase Versailles and USS Alexandra Timmis decided to go it on their own, with a commitment to excellent story telling and relaxed governance.

Memory Epsilon

Memory Epsilon is the fleet’s archive. Within you’ll find data on everything from ship specifications, to character service records, governmental dossiers and more!

Starfleet Academy

If you’re new to simming, or just need to dust off the cobwebs the Academy will show you the basics. It’s also if you want to learn more about a specific area (e.g: Starship Operations) and some valuable resources in the form of text books and pdfs.


So, you’ve had a look around, decided this is the adventure for you! Get ready to sign up for the Fleet, put on the uniform and boldly go!


Have you got what it takes to start a sim and lead a group of writers to produce exceptional stories? Whether you’re interested in starting a sim from scratch in one of our timelines, or would like to bring your sim into our community – we want to hear from you!