President Relan assassinated; 25th Amendment invoked as Vice President Raikan sworn in.

Citizens across the Federation are in mourning this evening as news emerged of the assassination of the newly elected President, Relan Meru on the evening of her inauguration. What started as a day of great celebration and optimism for the future of the United Federation of Planets ended in tragedy as, for the first time in Federation history, the 25th Amendment was invoked after the death of a sitting president.

Elected with a slender majority over her opponents in the election held just weeks prior, President Relan Meru became the first Bajoran to hold the highest office in the Federation when sworn in to office at this afternoon’s inauguration event, but her tenure was doomed from the start. Just a matter of hours after the momentous event, at her celebration gala at the Palais de la Concorde, President Relan was assassinated in front of over 100 friends and family in the world famous Roth Dining Suite.

Sources that have reached out to us have shed some light on the aftermath of the heartbreaking incident as Vice President Lukiz Raikan, himself in office for only a matter of hours, was sworn in as the new President on the United Federation of Planets after the invocation of Article 3 of the 25th Amendment by Attorney General Phillipa Louvois. According to reports, President Raikan addressed the Federation Council less than an hour later and informed them of the details of the President’s death.

With the investigation into Iden’s assassination underway, President Raikan now begins the difficult task of assembling a new political cabinet that runs and manages the day to day life of Federation citizens, as well as acting as the mediator between the member states of a sometimes chaotic confederacy of planets, all while trying to put “People before Politics”. What’s clear is that uncertain times lay ahead for the people of the Federation…

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