The Fifth Fleet welcome Star Trek: Homefront and USS Ulysses

Fifthers (@everyone),

Please join me in welcoming the USS Ulysses ( and Star Trek: Homefront ( to The Fifth Fleet! Both sims are led by the recently appointed @Kai|Director, Fleet Ops, so it makes sense that Fifth would be a natural home for them!

Both sims, will take place in our newly created timeline – ‘Star Trek: Homefront’ – which will tell the story of the intervening period between the Hobus supernova and our existing ‘Star Trek: Frontiers’ storyline. Where Frontiers has been dealing with the fall of the Confederation, Homefront will depict the first steps to the founding of the Confederacy, via the political intrigue in the President’s Office (ST: Homefront) and the on the ground diplomacy and exploration of the Luna Class USS Ulysses. I hope you will all make them feel super welcome in our every expanding community! Regards


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