The Fifth Fleet Wins Squiddie Award

The Fifth Fleet is proud to announce that we have won our first award – The Squiddie Award for Facilitating the Community Experience. We are incredibly grateful to OngoingWorlds for recognising the effort we have put into building this amazing community.

Thank you to Ongoing Worlds!

Facilitating the Community Experience: 5th Fleet (club)

From OngoingWorlds:

5th Fleet was only founded a couple years ago, but their role play is already hitting a high level of excellence. Not only that, but they’ve grown from 1 sim to 5. It’s easy to attract people when you have a great product! Their down to earth command staff looks to serve the needs of the members instead of ruling by edicts. They promote community and fun above numbers and stats, which is probably why they don’t have a problem with numbers and stats. If you want a fun place to role play without the restrictions and politics at most fleets, 5th Fleet is a great place to try.

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