Fleet Update – Kai Resigns, Stephen Appointed Interim Fleet XO

Good Evening Fifth

Following discussions this week, Kai has decided to step down as Fleet XO. When he joined us 6 months, we were just beginning our rebirth and his enthusiasm and energy really helped us to get the ball rolling. I’d like to personally thank him for all the hard work and effort he’s put into the role & for spurring on our development. To recognise this effort, I am awarding Kai the ‘Fleet Service Medal’ for 2020! Thank you for your work Kai.

In other Fleet personnel news, Skippy will be taking an extended leave of absence – as such, any queries regarding 5thfleet.net, hosting, novas etc should be directed via myself.

The vacant Fleet XO position will be filled by Stephen on an interim basis – I am grateful that he has volunteered to step into the position. I hope to make announcements on other staff roles in the near future.

As we continue into 2021, we will have much more work to undertake. In the first quarter of 2021, I aim that we will properly define our governance arrangements in a codified document – this work is being undertaken by our Charter Working Group. Additionally, work has already started on designing and planning out our ‘Storylines’ in greater detail than our current synopses, and how the sims within them can use this ‘mini-canon’ for their own stories. We’re also planning to update our ‘Timeline to 2420’ document to accurately reflect how each ‘Storyline’ sits in relation to the others.

Additionally, if supported by the Command Teams at our next quarterly meeting, I intend to open up our ‘New Sim Development’ programme, which will allow individuals to approach us with proposals for starting they own sims and growing the fleet, in a controlled and supported manner. More information on all of this will be provided on this in the coming weeks.

Finally, we wouldn’t have seen out 2020 with such and impressive rebirth and growth, without all of the hard work of the membership. Each and every one of you has contributed to the rebirth of the Fleet in 2020. In recognition of this, I am awarding all members of the Fifth Fleet who have been active in 2020 the ‘Fleet Phoenix Award’.


Fleet CO.

Fleet Service Ribbon 2020
Fleet Phoenix Award 2020

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