Point of Merit Award

The Fleet Commander and myself would like to announce the institution of a new award known as the Point of Merit. The Point of Merit is awarded by a member of the Fleet Operations Group to point out an outstanding action or contribution to the Fifth Fleet. This is awarded at the discretion of the Fleet Operations Group for immediate recognition of this special action or contribution of the member.

I would like to announce that two members will be receiving our newest award! Please join myself and Nixon in congratulation Penta and RedBird (aka Aaron) in being the inaugural recipients of the Point of Merit! Both of these members have been instrumental in the construction and discussion of a Fleet Charter that is currently being discussed by the Fleet’s Leadership for ratification and to structure our fleet moving forward. Thank you to both of you for your hard work and dedication to the rebirth of the Fifth Fleet.

On behalf of the Fleet Leadership,

Interim Fleet Executive Officer
The Fifth Fleet

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