The Fifth Fleet Adopts Charter

Good Afternoon Fifth Fleet

You will be aware that there has been work ongoing to develop The Fifth Fleet Charter, which is designed to be our overarching governance document. I am proud to announce that with a majority vote from the Command Teams, we have officially ratified the draft charter.

It is available here:

I want to thank Stephen, Penta and Redbird for their work on developing the charter.

The Charter will come into effect at 12pm GMT on Monday 25th January. 2021 You’ll notice a few changes as we align our operations with what is laid out in the Fleet Charter.

With that news, I am confirming that as of the 1st March 2021, I will be stepping down as Fleet CO. I came back to get the fleet rebooted and to get us to a stable place – with the charter in place we have reached that goal and I am confident that The Fifth Fleet is in a position to grow going forwards.

I won’t be leaving the Fleet as I will be retaining the Alliance, and following my announcement earlier in the year, I’ll be launching Starbase Deep Space Eden within the Homefront Storyline. Under the charter, Skippy and I – as the holders of our real world assets – will be taking up the roles of Trustees of the Fleet.

On Monday 25th January, I will call a special election for Fleet CO, a 7 day nomination period will commence, followed by a 7 day election period. A short transition will follow, and the new Fleet CO will take up their reins at 12pm GMT on 1st March 2021.



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